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Teleconferencing at the AGM

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be available via teleconferencing for the first time.
All members and interested parties are invited to participate on:

Saturday May 6th, 2017
6:30pm PST / 7:30 MST / 9:30 EST

To join, please dial: 1-866-261-6767
Participant Code: 85078963#

Please take a moment to review last years AGM minutes and last years financials (to be available soon) in the member's portion of the website.



Congratulations to Barb Burgess who was elected to continue as treasurer. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and thank you to the two nominees.

AGM, trial and Seminar information

**UPDATED**  Seminar information  now added

Information about the 2017 AGM trial, AGM and judge's seminar is now available at:


Regional Director Election Results

The executive would like to formally congratulate and welcome our 2 new regional directors to the CARO board:

Patricia Hunt for Ontario


Natasha Matthews for Manitoba/Saskatchewan (Prairies)

No nominations were received for the Western or Eastern Director positions.  If you are interested, please contact a member of the Executive.

Minor Change to Score Sheets

Please note there has been a minor change to the Score Sheets - the change is to correct the bottom portion where deductions are listed for scoring recues in the various levels.  The new forms are up on the Trial Forms page.


Summary of Rule Changes

There is now a PDF file on the Rules - Publications page.  This file is a summary of the rule changes from 2015.  A new Master Handbook will not be printed for 2016.  

Constitution & Bylaws

The NEW Constitution & Bylaws has been approved by a majority vote of 92.86%.  The new documents are available here.

Email Safe List

Please ensure that you have whitelisted the address in your email program so that you receive any emails sent to you as a member of CARO.

Trial Applications

There are only two ways to apply for a trial date:

Complete the form manually and mail to the Trial Approver with the appropriate payment.
Complete the online application form and submit payment through PayPal.

Any applications received in any other manner will be returned (for example - submitting an application manually and paying separately through PayPal).


Dog Bites

There has been one reported incident of a dog biting a judge. Effective immediately the following rules comes into effect.

The safety of our judges is paramount and to that end, effective immediately, judges have the right to refuse to examine a dog if the judge feels uncomfortable doing the examination.

A new form has been uploaded to the web site which MUST be completed and sent with the trial results to the CARO office whether or not any incident has occured at a trial. Trial secretaries will be advised of the form.

Shadow Judging

Effective immediately the rules for Shadow Judging for the Versatility levels are changed to:

Must shadow judge under an approved CARO judge for four (4) courses from the Versatility and/or Versatility Excellent and/or Versatility Team to a total of 10 dogs.

Change to the Requirements for the Rally Event Ring

The RallyO Event Ring shall be a minimum of approximately  30’ x 50’ (1,500 square feet).

Omitted from the Brace document

One of the dogs in the Brace must be owned by the handler. The other dog can be owned by another person, not necessarily a family member.

Station #22

Handlers working with the dog on the Right side will perform the sidestep by moving to the Left away from the dog.

Replacement Judges

If a Judge is unable to get to a trial due to inclement weather, sickness or other unavoidable situation and the club is able to obtain the services of another Judge to fill in, then the courses approved for the trial may be used by the replacement Judge.  The replacement judge will sign the score sheets and trial record sheetsQualifying scores will be listed with the originally scheduled and advertised Judge.  The club could also cancel the trial (should they feel that the entrants cannot attend) and apply for another date if they so choose. If the club is unable to procure the services of another Judge they may apply for a date change in which case the 60 day rule for trial date approval would be waived provided that the same Judge is utilized and the same approved courses are used


Changes - Judging of the Brace Class

Page 1

Allotted time for Novice is 5 minutes all other levels have 4 minutes.

Page 2

Twelve inches (12”) extra spacing will be added between cones for the weave once, figure 8 and spiral exercises. Additional space may be added at the judge's discretion. (Brace Class)